Go Vote

How to Vote

  1. Are you Registered to Vote?. If not, Register to Vote (PDF)
  2. Get your own, personalized sample ballot for upcoming elections.
    • County-wide offices for which everyone in DeKalb votes & places to research them.
    • District-specific offices that depend on where you live in DeKalb & places to research them. These offices include: Board of Education; County Commissioner; Superior Court; State Senate; State House; and U.S. House.
  3. Learn more about Candidate Research
    1. League Voter Guide: Online Voter Guide (AJC/LWV-Ga); or as a Printable Voter Guide PDF
    2. Debate Videos and Interviews by Georgia Public Broadcasting
    3. League's analysis of the ballot questions (Pro/Con)
    4. AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Profiles, Interviews, and Voter Guide
    5. Project Vote Smart guide to candidates for State offices
  4. Find out Where to Vote on election day or vote another way